Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Episode 001 - Introduction & Strong Main Characters

Hey everyone, welcome to the first episode of the Toon Platoon podcast. We've been talkin' about this for a while and decided to finally get down and do it. Took a few days before we got the episode up, but not as long as I expected, so hopefully we'll be able to keep up a good pace of recording episodes. I've got plenty of topics planned so hopefully you'll enjoy our first and stick with us. It was our first time doing such and any audio nuances or glitches I'll most likely fix them up and prevent so in later episodes.

Our podcast is hosted by myself (Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi), Michael J. Ruocco and Chris Zito. All of us are students from the School of Visual Arts.

Show Notes:


  1. Nice to see the podcast, though I suggest maybe using headphones for all of you since it was a tad hard to hear you clearly.

    As for most cartoon series these days, they're ALL episodic. The last 'storyline' show we had was Avatar. Really, it looks like a lot of shows that we're getting coming up are going to be more or less the same as the rest. Get's annoying I tell ya.

  2. I would love to see this things keep rolling out. It's very interesting to hear you guys actually look into these cartoons. I usually just see them as some kind of entertainment source or whatever.

    On a note, must you bleep everything? We know what your saying, and it just... bleh... ruins the flow every time I hear it.

    Consider that your audience is the same audience that flips through youtube, and we all know how colorful those comments can get...

    Anyways, I hope to see these things keep rolling out!

  3. nice work on your guys 1st podcast :D
    also im neomew on podomatic :D

  4. why isnt there a video? is that what a podcast is? lol sorry for the newbie question

  5. First off, I'm glad you all seemed to enjoy the podcast. Thank you for listening to us & commenting! It's what helps make doing the podcast all worthwhile.

    As for the technical stuff, we're definitely learning from our mistakes & working out the issues. Since it was our first podcast, we basically just winged it, so there's definitely a few things we'll look out for when we're recording future podcasts. We'll make sure to speak louder, clearer & try not to use the same phrases over & over (I must've said "here's the thing..." a million times). We'll try to break our bad habits as best we can.

    I agree that bleeping ourselves is definitely distracting. I told Chris N. that the bleeps aren't cutting it, & that we should stop doing it entirely. In turn, we'll try to keep our swearing down to a minimum. We can't make any promises, but we'll try.

    I don't understand why the podcast player has to look like it's a video player. I guess it's just the way Podomatic works. Which brings us to one more thing to go over.

    Right now, the maximum amount of bandwidth we're allowed per month is definitely cutting it close. We're currently looking into finding a good hosting site with enough bandwidth & memory storage capacity at a fair price. We're aiming towards Podbean, but we're still not sure. Eitherway, once we figure that out, we'll start rolling out more episodes, hopefully in a more scheduled manner.

    We've got a lot planned as far as topics go, so keep your eyes & ears open. Once again, thank you for the comments & for stopping by!

  6. i think you guys should try for a better free podcasting site

  7. try http://www.mypodcast.com

    its a free podcast hoster

  8. its even got unlimited bandwidth

  9. neomew - I looked into mypodcast.com after you commented here & after a little bit of investigation, it definitely looks like a good candidate. It's got unlimited bandwidth & it's free, which is definitely what we'd be looking for in a host. The only little hitch is having to put commercials in the podcast, but it's not that big of a deal, as long as they aren't long & frequent (like when I watch Price is Right). I'm going over it with the 2 Chris' & it's in consideration as we speak.

    Thanks for the recommendation & thanks for the comments not only here but on podomatic, too. Greatly appreciated!

  10. i was happy to have helped you guys out
    i also love chris flash's on newgrounds
    i wish the best for you guys on your podcast:D

  11. i cant wait for your guys next podcast :)